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                        BOOKFIE CONTEST


Well done to all the students who participated in our Bookfie contest


Ahmed is reading for his little sister 😊
Perla Bishouy FS2C
     Reading my favourite book ❤
Hayaa Ali FS2C
                My companion forever 
Danish Lenin FS2D 
Dino Danish 
Umar Yasir FS2H
Reading is fun !!
       Zoha Danial FS2F

Sudaleeshwar S FS2A
Let's launch off to MARS!!
Annette Albin FS2H
 Reading with besties..!!
Haya Amr FS2B
 Maryam Sassi FS1 
Auro Joshi FS2H

Yusra Bint Imran FS2D

Salim Alshamsi FS2

Arya Gabriella Kallu FS2-E

Rayyan Ahmed 1E

Muhammad Bhutto 1C

Zarmeen 2A
Senuka De Silva 2DR
Ananya Vibin 3A
'Esperanza Rising'. A thrilling roller coaster read about a young girl.
Hana Amr 3A 
Suvali Shrestha 3DR

Keyaan Asif Ismail 3ER 
‘I want to become a Pirate and discover the treasure from the bottom of the ocean’. 
 Shayan Khoja  3A
Swarna Nachiyar 3A
Soothing Winter Stories in Foggy Morning “Read Lead”!!!
Sohayeb Mosaab 3B 
it's called the great spaghetti 🍝 suit and it's amazing, funny and superb 👌 if you try to read it.
Mysha Yasir 3DR 
Reading is fun!!
Anabia Ahmed 3E

            Eshan 4A
           Love to read!!

Rishikesh Pillai 5DR

Zaib Ayaan sajid 5B 
Reading doesn’t need a time or place !! 

Alisha Jamal 7C
Sai Samanvi Gunisetty 1A
Books are my buddies taking me to different world..!!